What Zahara does

We automate the buying process
Zahara was founded in 2015 in the Georgian spa town of Bath, UK, with the simple aim of making life easier for accounts departments with automation. It might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it’s something we love. Having grown from two employees to closer to 35, Zahara is at the forefront of AP automation in the UK, you might even have seen us at Accountex last year in our cheerful blue T-shirts!
Team Zahara

Great purchase order software that works for everyone

Zahara automates the process of buying. A person raises a purchase order for what they want. Let’s say Laurence wants a cake. It’s then automatically sent for approval, based on the conditions that you’ve set, to the right person, Emma, who looks after the office’s baked supplies.

Once Emma has approved buying the cake, the purchase order is automatically sent to the local bakery, all without an AP clerk in sight. Laurence can see that it’s been approved, sent, and even if the bakery has accepted the order.

Once the invoice for the cake arrives, it’s matched to a Purchase order – which will be fully coded thanks to the defaults that can be put in place – and flow through another automatic process which checks the invoice, and will only ask for approval if it’s really needed – After all, Emma already approved the cake,

why does she need to approve it again if nothing’s changed?

When this is all over the invoice can automatically be exported to your accounting software, fully coded and ready for payment, with no manual inputting of codes needed.

Come month’s end, Emma can quickly see the spend analytics. She has great oversight on how many cakes Laurence has actually purchased. With built-in OCR, a scalable set-up that is easy to use and fast to deploy, and a dedicated onboarding team to help you through the process (if you choose) then Zahara’s flexibility, coupled with the start-to-finish AP automation, makes it a clear choice for businesses of any size. Get in touch today or take a trial and start seeing what Zahara can do for you.

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