Purchase Order Software

Cloud-based, easy to use and fast to set up. Standalone or fully integrated, Raise orders easily and control costs quickly.

Growth businesses control their costs by securing the buying process with multi-step approval workflows. Add control and visibility to your buying with Zahara.

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Add control and visibility to your buying
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Cloud-Based, Nothing to Install
You can access Zahara anywhere, no matter the device. All you need is an internet connection and Zahara will update in real-time. Instead of limiting your team with on-premise tech, you can monitor spend from home or on site.
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Flexible Approval Workflows
Reduce delays and promote faster decision making with multi-step approval workflows. Substitute the traditional paper and spreadsheet tracking methods for convenient email or mobile-app approvals. Get orders approved faster.
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Improved Visibility
Your finance team will know in real-time what's on order, what's delivered and what's on back-order, removing all surprises from the Accounts Payable process. Every purchase can follow an agreed path with up front approvals.
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We Integrate With Your Accounting Software...

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Why Zahara

Although Zahara is an all-in-one solution for accounts payable automation, the starting point is a purchase order process with approval workflows so the buying process is controlled. This removes all surprises later on and gives the leadership a real-time visual of expected costs. Zahara is a great fit for serviced-based businesses wanting simplicity yet sophistication.

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Control your costs. Police your buying.

When you use our purchase order software, you can create simple or sophisticated approval workflows. This means you can check every purchase or have your managers check and validate spend requests before you are committed.

You can have everything setup quickly without any drama and have your guys approving or rejecting purchase requests on a mobile app or by email. You can schedule reminders as well so everyone takes action in an acceptable time scale.

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Creating a Purchase Order System

Buying inside an organisation is procedural and hierarchical. All purchase requests can follow an agreed path with our purchase order software. Approval workflows will allow you to identify waste, wrong pricing, wrong suppliers and eliminate unnecessary purchases.

Whether you are running an enterprise department or your business from the deck of your yacht, Zahara will give you access to all your supplier or Project spend so you are always in control with 20:20 vision on costs.

Is Zahara easy to use?
Yes. We have purposely made Zahara's interface easy to navigate, logical and intuitive. Although it's feature packed behind the scenes, and it's often the finance team instigating the adoption of Zahara, it's actually the buyers who are raising the orders. This means we keep it simple where we can taking into account that these guys have to use Zahara rather than want to use it.
Do you offer a free trial?
Absolutely. Just click the link at the top of this page. You have 30 days to set up Zahara and get going. If you need more time, just let us know.
Can Purchase Orders be sent to the supplier automatically?
Yes indeed they can. A purchase order workflow can be setup with approvals and a "send to supplier" step. You can even choose the format of the Purchase Order on a supplier by supplier basis.
Can I use it with more than one Business?
Yes for sure. We have Business Units and these can be completely ring-fenced. Users can login to their individual businesses securely.
How do I integrate with my finance system?
Zahara can be used standalone. However, if you want to use our amazing invoice processing as well, it cuts down on effort if you can have invoices read, matched and routed into your finance system automatically. We have a number of off-the-shelf integrations that handle syncing and invoice transfer, but for someone looking to keep it simple to start with, Zahara can be used as a cloud-based tool with easy import and export of data.

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