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purchase order software

Add control & visibility to your organisational spend

  • Cloud-based - nothing to install
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Manage your suppliers more easily
  • Create multi-step approval workflows
  • Automate the sending of purchase orders

Multi-step purchase order approval workflows

When you use our purchase order software, you can create simple or sophisticated approval workflows. This means you can check every purchase or have your managers check and validate spend requests before you are committed.

You can have everything setup quickly without any drama and have your guys approving or rejecting purchase requests on a mobile app or by email. You can schedule reminders as well so everyone takes action in an acceptable time scale.

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Cut down on waste and control the process

Buying inside an organisation is procedural and hierarchical. All purchase requests can follow an agreed path with our purchase order software. Approval workflows will allow you to identify waste, wrong pricing, wrong suppliers and illiminate uncessary purchases.

Whether you are running an enterprise department or your business from the deck of your yacht, Zahara will give you access to all your supplier or Project spend so you are always in control with 20:20 vision on costs.

Reasons to change the way your work

1. Save money

There are two ways to increase profits. Increase sales and reduce costs. We can help you control costs by providing fast and easy approval workflows that make key people review purchase requests. This cuts down on waste, finds potential duplicate purchases and allows you to compare prices more easily. We will help you save money.

2. Purchase Audit Trail

If you answer to a board, investors, governors or trustees you will know how important transparency is. An audit trail behind every purchase avoids awkward or challenging conversations along the lines of "who signed off on this?" With our software, every purchase has the history from request to payment.

What our customers say about us

Purchase Order FAQs

Can I send the PO to the supplier automatically?

Yes! Zahara can automatically send a PO to a supplier, copying in the person who raised it, and even request acceptance of the order from the supplier, all of which can be shown on one simple screen

Can I customize the PO template?

Zahara’s Purchase Order templates are HTML based, making them fully customisable. We start you off with a handful of templates, but how much you want to change is fully up to you.

What is a purchase requisition?

A purchase requestion is, in its simplest form, a request to buy something. A sales associate may put in a Purchase request for a new pair of headphones, this would then be approved by their manager. Once it’s been approved a procurement associate can raise an actual purchase order for the type of headphones that they have agreed to buy, rather than just what the Sales associate wants – It’s a high level of control – allowing the procurement team to have final control of the product, but not decision of if it needs to be ordered.

Can I receipt deliveries?

You sure can! In Zahara we call them GRNs (Goods Received Notices), they can be done easily, either from the web app or on your mobile, you can even attach a photo of a physical delivery note if you want. The GRN status is shown next to the order, and you can automatically hold an invoice back for approval until it’s been received, meaning that you won’t be paying for what you don’t receive.

Can I record invoices against a PO?

Of course! You can match either multiple or single invoices against a PO, which can even link through to your finance system (depending on which one) so with a few simple clicks you can see all the parts of the process, and with our audit trails, you can see who matched it, and any changes that have been made.

Can I export purchase orders into my finance system?

depending on your finance system it is possible, either using our own systems or one of our partners that we integrate with directly, such as Zapier. We’re a friendly bunch, so just ask!

Is this software affordable?

Zahara’s pricing is flexible and scalable, meaning it can always suit your business, and grow with you and your organisation as your needs change and evolve

Is it easy to learn to use?

Zahara is specifically designed with ease of use in mind, we haven’t stopped improving Zahara, so it’ll continue to get easier to use as time goes on. with handy displays and dashboards available, there’s always the information you need – But if you’d like an extra hand getting used to it our friendly onboarding and support teams are around to help

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